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            GMAT 中国体彩发布的官方app - Eligibility, Exam Dates, Registration, Syllabus

            Table of Content
            GMAT Eligibility Criteria
            GMAT Exam Dates
            GMAT Exam Fees
            GMAT Registration
            GMAT Exam Pattern
            GMAT Preparation

            What is GMAT?

            The Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) is a computer-adaptive test that has been created by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC.) The GMAC is a non-profit body of some of the best and top management schools and B-schools from across the globe.

            The GMAT is a test that is used to check the suitability of students aspiring to pursue MBA/ Management programs. By testing the various skills needed in business & management (such as problem-solving, critical & logical reasoning, analytical writing, etc.), the GMAT is a reliable test that allows the school/university take a call on whether the candidate is a right fit for the course.

            For this reason, 7000+ programs offered by 2300+ universities/ colleges in 110 countries have been using the GMAT as a mandatory part of their admission/ selection process. Also, you can easily find sufficient details regarding GMAT registration, GMAT exam dates 2019, GMAT eligibility, etc. You can prepare for your GMAT 中国体彩发布的官方app test with several materials and mock tests that are available online.

            Many management schools in India such as ISB Hyderabad, IIM Ahmedabad accept applications for PGP, PGPX management programs on the basis of GMAT scores and shortlist candidates for further selection procedures like group discussions & personal interviews.


            GMAT Exam Details

            Name of the Exam Graduate Admission Management Test 
            Official Website  https://www.mba.com/exams/gmat
            Exam Mode  Computer-Based
            Number of Sections Four
            Duration  3.5 hours
            Validity 5 years
            Fees INR 17,244

            Who can take the GMAT? | GMAT Eligibility Criteria

            You need to be 18 years+ to be eligible to appear for GMAT. For candidates between the ages 13 to 17, parental approval is needed to write the GMAT.  There is no upper age limit GMAT eligibility criterion to appear for GMAT.

            There is no specific eligibility criterion to be able to write the GMAT.

            • Since the exam is used for admissions to various MBA/ Management programs around the world, what you need to check is your eligibility for the MBA program you're applying for.
            • The GMAT eligibility criteria for admissions may vary for every MBA or Management course.
            • Some management programs may require you to have a certain number of years of work experience, while others may not.
            • So before you register for GMAT, please ensure that you fulfill all other parameters that would allow your selection into your chosen program.
            • It is advisable that college final year students and those who have completed college write the GMAT, as the GMAT score is used for admission into postgraduate management programs in India and across the world.


            Countries and Territories that accept GMAT score

            One of the primary reasons for taking the GMAT test is that it is accepted in almost every country中国体彩发布的官方app, regions, and territories around the world. It is highly reliable and definitely go-to exams for Business and Management aspirants. Therefore, if you are looking to study at one of the B-Schools or Management oriented universities appearing for the GMAT test is the right choice for you.

            GMAT Score Validity

            The GMAT score is valid for 5 years. Students studying undergraduate courses can hence appear for GMAT from the first year.

            Reappearing for GMAT

            You can take the GMAT any number of times till you get your desired score. There are certain points that you need to know before retaking the GMAT exam –

            • An individual can retake the GMAT exam 5 times in one year.
            • The individual must wait for a 16-day period before initiating or re-applying for another GMAT test.
            • Your entire GMAT exam scores will be listed on their website which if shared can be regarded by the B-schools.

            GMAT Exam Fees 中国体彩发布的官方app

            The GMAT exam fee for a single attempt is INR 17,244 (USD 250). In case, you want to change or reschedule your GMAT exam 2019 – a sum of INR 3449 (USD 50) will be charged.  Individuals can register/apply for GMAT test online or even choose the offline mode.

            GMAT Exam Reschedule / Cancel

            You must reschedule your GMAT exam at least 7 days before the actual date. If you want to cancel your GMAT test be sure to cancel at least 7 days before your actual exam date as you will be eligible for partial refund i.e. INR 5557 (USD 80) in case the individual fails to report or cancel their registered exam date – they will be forfeit for entire registration fee amount.


            GMAT Exam Schedule 中国体彩发布的官方app

            GMAT has flexible test schedule and the candidates can take the test by booking an appointment according to their personal preference. You can register for GMAT online as well as offline.

            Since the GMAT is offered throughout the year, you can choose any date to appear for your GMAT examination. It is up to you to register for the GMAT on a date that is convenient for you, as long as seats are available for your preferred date and GMAT test center.

            B-school applicants should write the GMAT well before the application process begins for their targeted management schools. To be on the safer side it is advisable to write your GMAT at least a month before your business school application.

            You will find out which GMAT dates are available at your chosen test center when you register to take the exam.

            GMAT Registration 中国体彩发布的官方app

            Candidates have to create an account on GMAC, the official web portal for GMAT exam.

            Online Registration

            Candidates can fill up a form, pay the fees and get an acknowledgment of their registration online.

            Offline Registration

            Candidates can also apply for the exam offline, by placing a call to the GMAT customer service or through postal mail.

            Although this is not the best way to register for the GMAT exam since the fees have to be paid via cheque or money order. An additional processing fee of USD 10 has to be paid for the same.

            Check out the how-to register for GMAT (registration process, GMAT fees, etc.) and find out what's the best time to schedule your GMAT.

            GMAT Exams Dates 中国体彩发布的官方app

            The GMAT exam dates are flexible.  You can apply/register/schedule your GMAT test according your date of preference. You can register or schedule your GMAT exam dates through the online mode, you can also prefer to schedule your exam date by calling the customer care at GMAT.  The GMAT exam is conducted 5 times a year. If you are planning to appear for GMAT 2019 test you can visit their and schedule an exam date according to your preference.


            GMAT Test Centers

            The GMAT is held worldwide in various locations. Pearson VUE has been GMAC's global delivery partner that administers the GMAT at all 32 test centers in India present in 28 cities.

            You can visit one of the following test centers located in either of these regions in India to appear for GMAT exam 中国体彩发布的官方app –

            GMAT Test Centers in India
            Hyderabad Jaipur
            Vishakapatnam Kolkata
            Delhi Bhubaneshwar
            Ahmedabad Gurgaon
            Ranchi Guwahati
            Bangalore Manipal
            Kochi Mohali
            Indore Noida
            Pune Patiala
            Nagpur Patna
            Mumbai Tiruchirapalli
            Chennai Trivandrum
            Chandigarh Vellore
            Lucknow Vijayawada
            Coimbatore Vishakapatnam

            Get detailed information to the above-mentioned centers and cities here.

            GMAT Exam Pattern 中国体彩发布的官方app

            GMAT Exam Section Duration
            Analytical Writing Assessment 30 minutes
            Integrated Reasoning 30 minutes
            Quantitative Reasoning 62 minutes
            Verbal Reasoning 65 minutes

            Before undertaking the GMAT exam 中国体彩发布的官方app, check out these rules or simple objectives that need to be observed during the attempt of the GMAT test

            • The test adjusts itself to the candidate’s ability
            • The initial questions are of average difficulty
            • The difficulty levels increases or decreases depending on how correctly the candidate answers the previous questions
            • If the candidate continues to answer the questions correctly, the difficulty level of the questions increases or goes up
            • This process continues until the candidate attempts all the questions under exam section
            • All questions are mandatory to answer and once the answer is submitted, it cannot be changed

            Other details of the GMAT exam:

            • The exam has a total of 91 questions that have to be attempted in 3.5 hours
            • The exam has four major sections- Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative and Verbal Section

            GMAT Exam Pattern 中国体彩发布的官方app – Section 1: Analytical Writing Assessment

            Analytical Writing Assessment also is known as the AWA section is meant to assess your reasoning skills. With the questions provided in this section, you are supposed to build reasoning behind an argument and demonstrate your English writing skills.

            Duration – 30 minutes

            • Think critically and communicate your ideas – You will be required to analyze a given argument and build/write a further critique of the same argument.
            • Topics included in this 30 minutes duration section are general knowledge, business, and variety of world interest subjects.

            GMAT Exam Pattern 中国体彩发布的官方app – Section 2: Integrated Reasoning (IR)

            Integrated Reasoning is a section that assesses one’s Analytical skills.

            Duration – 30 minutes

            • Multi-Source Reasoning—Multiple sources such as test passages, graphics or a combination is provided in to measure your ability to examine data. You will need to analyze and provide reasoning for the questions.
            • Graphics interpretation – A source in the form of graphic interpretation will be provided based on which you will need to interpret the data and arrive at a solution
            • Two-part analysis – A question that requires two-part analysis will be provided, you will need to solve and provide interpretation accordingly.
            • Table analysis – A table of data will be provided as a form of reference. You will need to sort the data and answer the questions accordingly

            GMAT Exam Pattern 中国体彩发布的官方app – Section 3: Quantitative Reasoning

            Quantitative Reasoning section has questions that assess your Mathematics skills. Basic equations relations Arithmetic, Geometry, and Algebra are asked a question in this section.

            Duration – 62 minutes

            • Problem Solving – You will need to answer basic mathematics-based questions. This sub-section will assess your mathematics skills
            • Data Sufficiency – Data will be provided, you will need to evaluate and come to a conclusion if the provided data is sufficient to answer the question that consists of two statements.

            GMAT Exam Pattern 中国体彩发布的官方app – Section 4: Verbal Reasoning

            Verbal Reasoning sections have questions that evaluate your English reading, writing and sentence formation skills. A set 65 Multiple Choice Questions are provided to assess your skills.

            Duration – 65 minutes

            • Reading Comprehension – A passage will be given on a specific topic. You will need to read and answer the MCQs (multiple-choice questions) accordingly.
            • Critical Reasoning – Based on a short text passage, you will need to to evaluate if the paragraph influences, strengthens or weakens the given argument (short-text passage)


            Want to get elaborate more details about the GMAT exam pattern? Visit here.

            GMAT Preparation

            GMAT preparation books are widely available. Coaching institutes and private tutors can often be found in major cities to help you prepare. The GMAT Testing authority offers help in preparing for the test. If you are a registered user of www.mba.com, you may download GMAT preparation software for free from the GMAT website.
            You can purchase study materials for GMAT preparation from the www.mba.com store and find tips on preparation

            Learn more about the GMAT exam syllabus and begin your GMAT prep today.

            GMAT Score Calculation

            Average GMAT scores range from 400-600. While 200 is the minimum score, 800 is the perfect score on GMAT.

            The GMAT score is calculated based on the following:

            • Analytical Writing Assessment- Band level: 0 to 6 (Independent scoring system)
            • Integrated Reasoning- Band level: 1 to 8 (Independent scoring system)
            • Quantitative- Band level: 6 to 51
            • Verbal- Band level: 6 to 51

            Learn about the details of GMAT scores.

            GMAT Score Results 中国体彩发布的官方app 

            It is a computer adaptive test and the score results are available within three weeks of taking the examination.  The unofficial score is available immediately after the examination.


            • How to prepare for GMAT 中国体彩发布的官方app?

            There are several mock tests and sample question papers available on the internet. Many coaching institutes also conduct GMAT prep classes that you might want to attend for additional expertise.

            • When do I schedule for the GMAT exam?

            As the GMAT exam is conducted throughout the year, you can schedule your GMAT exam date as soon as you are ready to appear.

            • What is the difference between GMAT and GRE?

            GMAT and GRE are different at many levels. GMAT is accepted in major business and management schools, whereas GRE is accepted by graduate schools and universities around the globe. Both of the exams have a similar structure and scoring system however if you are planning to apply for Business program or course – applying for GMAT is the right and recommended choice.

            • What if I am not satisfied with my GMAT score?

            In case you are not satisfied with your GMAT results, you can attempt the GMAT test 5 more times. Although, you will have to wait for 16 days until you book your next GMAT exam date.

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