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            Human Resource Management - Courses, Colleges and Careers

            Human Resource Management

            Human resource (HR) management
            focuses on maximizing employee performance to meet the employer's strategic objectives. It involves concentration on policies and systems, recruitment, training, development, performance appraisal, managing payments and benefits, industrial relations, harmonious employer and employee relations and also balancing of organizational practices. So a degree like an MBA in HR Management will equip you with all these key skills, concepts and the knowledge to manage human resources in a way which leads to the success of a company.

            What does an HR management course teach?

            MBA in HR courses will not only focus on Human Resource Management topics but also cover Economics, Finance, General Management, Information Systems, Marketing, Organizational Behavior, Production, Operation and Decision Sciences and Strategic Management.

            Human Resource Management particularly, will cover the following core topics

            • Employment Relations Law - Law of Industrial Relations
            • Employment Relations Law - Law of Social Security
            • Fundamentals of Human Resource Management
            • Fundamentals of Industrial Relations
            • Fundamentals of Labor Laws
            • Human Resource Planning
            • Performance Management and Appraisal
            • Wage Determination and Administration

            Students can also choose from a vast range of electives, some of which maybe the following,

            • Employee Empowerment
            • Grievance Resolution
            • Managerial Competencies and Career Development
            • Managerial Counseling
            • Measuring HR
            • Occupational Testing
            • Organizational Change and Development
            • Participative Management
            • Role of HR in Knowledge Management
            • Selection
            • Taxation
            • Strategic Human Resource Management

            Though a full time MBA will span 2 years, distance education and online courses are also available. Duration, curriculum and degree of recognition may vary from institute to institute. A student with a bachelor's degree in any discipline, from any recognized university, is eligible to apply for MBA - HR. You may need to appear for CAT / MAT / XAT or similar entrance examinations, to qualify for admission into the b-schools offering such courses.

            Career Scope in Human Resource Management

            In recent times, since HR professionals play a vital role in selecting the right manpower for an organization, almost all big or small companies are hiring them. After completing MBA, you should easily find scope for work in several sectors like information technology, government organizations, media houses, newspapers, and other verticals.

            The various job roles available for those with an MBA in HR management are,

            1. HR Assistant
            2. Recruiter
            3. Training and Development Coordinator or Manager
            4. Payroll Specialist
            5. Human Resources Manager
            6. Employee Relations Manager
            7. Compensation or Benefit Analyst or Manager
            8. HR Information Systems Manager
            9. Labor Relations Manager

            Your career path can also take you to climb high and become director or vice president of HR.

            Top 10 Colleges/Institutes for Human Resource Management (MBA)

            No. College/Institute
            1 Xavier School of Management - Jamshedpur
            2 Indian Institute of Management - Ranchi
            3 Tata Institute of Social Sciences - Mumbai
            4 Symbiosis Centre for Management and HRD - Pune
            5 Institute of Management Technology - Ghaziabad
            6 University Business School - Chandigarh
            7 Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research - Mumbai
            8 Jamia Millia Islamia - New Delhi
            9 Anna University - Chennai
            10 Aligarh Muslim University - Aligarh

            Other MBA Streams in India

            1. Oil/ gas/ energy managemnt
            2. Finance Management
            3. Telecom Management
            4. Retail Management
            5. Textile Management
            6. Sports Management
            7. Tourism Management
            8. IT Management
            9. Infrastructure and Real Estate Management
            10. MBA (Entrepreneurship)
            11. Supply Chain Management
            12. Marketing Management
            13. Hospital Management
            14. Facility Management
            15. Fashion Management
            16. Healthcare Management
            17. Communication Management

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