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            Oil, Gas & Petroleum Energy Management - Courses, Colleges and Careers


            MBA in Oil, Gas, Energy Management

            The postgraduate Master of Business Administration course is a popular course, since every organization requires management at essentially all levels. There are different domains in which management of business activities has become specialized and narrower in focus. One such domain is the vital field of petroleum and energy management. As its name suggests, this particular specialization focuses upon the management of energy corporations. In the specific case of India, a country中国体彩发布的官方app with less than sufficient energy generation and supply infrastructure, this field has immense scope for development and expansion. The curriculum for most colleges and institutions that teach this specialization consists of an amalgamation of conventional management disciplines like finance, marketing, operations, human resource management and strategic management, along with focused studies on petroleum and energy sectors like refinery technology and economics, natural gas businesses, exploration and non-conventional energy.

            Career Scope

            After completing a specialization in this aspect of business management, students could enter institutions or companies in the following sectors,

            1. Power Distribution

            2. Oil Marketing

            3. Power Generation

            4. Oil Exploration

            5. Power Transmission

            6. Energy/Power Infrastructure

            7. Financing/Manufacturing

            8. Energy Sector Consulting 中国体彩发布的官方app

            9. NGOs

            10. Other Government Agencies

            Topics covered in this course

            The course is usually two years long and is divided into four semesters of equal length.

            First Semester

            1. business communication and negotiation skills
            2. economics and management decisions
            3. organizational behaviour
            4. fundamentals of oil and gas business
            5. petroleum industry accounting
            6. fundamentals of petroleum exploration
            7. IT applications in the petroleum sector

            Second Semester

            1. human resource management
            2. marketing management
            3. research methodology and applied statistics
            4. operations and material management
            5. natural gas business
            6. petro economics
            7. fundamentals of refining
            8. petroleum financial management

            Third Semester

            1. business policy and strategy
            2. retailing
            3. international business management
            4. econometrics
            5. supply chain and logistics for the petroleum industry
            6. financing petroleum sector projects
            7. project management and contract administration

            Fourth Semester

            1. e-enterprises
            2. oil and gas law and policies.
            3. project or dissertation
            4. internships

            Top Colleges/Institutes for MBA in Petroleum and Energy Management

            Some institutes that offer an MBA in Petroleum and Energy Management, MBA in Oil and Gas Management or MBA in Energy Management are listed below:

            No. College/Institutes
            1 University of Petroleum and Energy Studies - Dehradun
            2 Management Development Institute - Gurgaon
            3 Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Petroleum Technology - Rae Bareli
            4 Great Lakes Institute of Management - Gurgaon


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