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            Ministry Of Culture Scholarships

            Ministry Of Culture Scholarships

            The Ministry of Culture, Government of India, has invited applications for scholarships to young artistes from different fields of culture in India for scholarship programs for the session 2016 to 2017. The scholarship lasts for two years.

            Ministry Of Culture Scholarships

            The scholarship applies to the following fields:

            1. Indian classical music
            2. Indian classical dance
            3. Theatre
            4. Visual arts
            5. Folk traditional and indigenous arts

            The duration of the scholarship is two years, during which a scholar will be trained under a guru in a recognized university. The background of the scholar is an important aspect in attaining a scholarship. During the course the scholars have to follow a very definite schedule of rigorous training and spend time in theoretical classes.

            Each scholar will be given a sum of Rs. 5,000 each month for covering expenses.

            Important dates

            Last date of application submission: As soon as possible

            Eligibility criteria

            You are eligible for the scholarship if you:

            1. Are an Indian national.
            2. Have adequate educational background.
            3. Can prove your keenness to follow the discipline thoroughly.
            4. Have a proper background knowledge in the discipline you want to follow. The advanced program is meant for those who already have basic knowledge.
            5. Have completed five years of training under a guru or institution. The present guru and former guru must sign in the application of the candidate duly before submission.
            6. Have associated knowledge to other arts (preferable).
            7. Not younger than 18 years and not over 25 years on 1 April, 2013.

            Application procedure

            1. Applications are available online and can be downloaded from the site www.indiaculture.nic.in.
            2. If you have already applied for another scholarship you cannot reapply again.
            3. At any stage of assessment, if it is found out that a candidate has not provided genuine details the scholarship can be denied to him or her.
            4. Names of the selected candidates will be available at the official website
            5. The selected candidates will be called on for an interview session and they are to provide their correct mailing identity.
            6. Candidates can check whether their application has been successfully registered online.

            Attachments with the application forms

            1. Attested copy of matriculation certificate
            2. Attested copies of degrees, certificates and diplomas
            3. Recent passport size photograph
            4. Attested copy of work done from those fetching architecture and painting
            5. Five year training certificate attested by guru
            6. In case of application to multiple disciplines, separate copies must be provided for each field

            Contact details

            Smt Chandresh Kumari Katoch
            Address: Minister of Culture, Room number-501, C wing, Shastri Bhavan, New Delhi- 110115.
            中国体彩发布的官方appPhone: 23386765, 23384173, 23381539
            Fax: 23385115
            Mailing ID: chandresh.kumari@sansad.nic.in, officemoc@gmail.com



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